The Most Idiotic Videos of All Time

Punk Pushes Grandmother
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Corvette in Turns Wreck
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Gorgeous George Pranked
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Title: Kid Gets Pushed Into Pool With iPhone

Category: Idiot Videos

Views: 4751

A kid gets pushed into a pool while talking on his new iPhone. He is so pissed off when he gets out of the pool he slams his phone into the cement to insure it is in fact completely busted.

Title: Fireworks Fire

Category: Idiot Videos

Views: 3908

An illegal fireworks stash in a shed starts an impromptu fireworks display and house fire.

Title: Dog Goes Crazy After Drinking Slurpee

Category: Idiot Videos

Views: 5081

These two guys give this dog almost two full slurpees. After drinking them the dog goes crazy and ends up running right through their fence.

Title: Body Armor Face Kick

Category: Idiot Videos

Views: 3598

This guy puts on some government issue body armor with the idea that his friend will kick him in the chest to test how strong it is. Unfortunately his friends kick lands a little off target.

Title: Wheelie into a parked car

Category: Idiot Videos

Views: 4330

A biker does a wheelie down an open street and somehow rides directly into a parked car which sends him flying.